Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Urgent translation - risk or not?

As we have already mentioned in previous posts, today thanks to the programs of support for translation, delivery times have fallen considerably but still, must be careful with them, not to let us carry the rush and let us advise you by the urgent translation professionals that will make us the following reasoning.

An urgent translation tips

·         Professional translators are not only copyists and although the capacity of their fingers to write is very high, it is important to pay close attention to what you are writing.
·         The original text we receive has been drafted, prepared and reviewed with care, let us devote the same attention to the translation of your documents. For us it is very important to read carefully the text, interpret style in order to move it to the translation, find the most suitable terms, helping us occasionally with searches in specific dictionaries, to pose questions that arise review the outcome with perspective and with the help of third parties (proofreading).
·         Sometimes there is dividing the translation with a team of translators to improve deadlines, something that we do not recommend when we talk about a document or closely related documents.This solution would lose coherence of possibly invaluable at a glance terms and style but that they will do that our document end is more difficult to understand and assimilate. It is as if in a book we are reading at all times refers to the mansion but in the middle of reading, the mansion happens to be a Palace, both terms refer to the same building and are well said but we will make us lose track of the reading to give us account.
·         The translation of a document for internal use than the translation of a legal text is not the same, an instruction manual or a commercial document for our customers should consider... If not it's worth us delay translation 1-2 days to make sure the better quality and more quiet then.
·         And last but not least, the economic factor. An urgent translation may require the translator to work hours extra at night or weekends that will have an impact on the cost of our translation
In your next urgent translation, let yourself be advised by Translations Traviatta professionals who always seek the best solution for you.